by Lesbian Concentrate

Parker and Hughes (...that verge of the beginning...)
There Goes the Neighborhood
Jack and Holland (...the prodigal son, the chosen one...)
Cigarette Pirouette
I Wanna Get Sued by You!
For a Brief Fleeting Moment, I Was God
Neal (Schaeffermusic)
Who Was Responsible for His Downfall?
There Goes the Neighborhood (reprise)
Steak Me, Amadeus!
Vanstone and Vanstone (...dawn of the end...)


The second proper album by Covington, GA's most feared heirs of the Throne of Mediocre '70s Country Rock, Lesbian Concentrate's Bekowsky is their first double album (not counting the glorified demos collection Solarcaine for Followers) and something of a change of pace. Rather than focus on a grabbag of songs, every song was written for this record as opposed to Mercy Machine, which you can get on I Thought You Were a Marxist Records' Bandcamp or on iTunes/Amazon mp3/Google Play Music/any digital outlet.

This album has it all, from grunge to art rock to prog-rock epics to toe-tapping alt-country ditties to the most powerful of power pop. But that's by design in part because of the grabbag nature of prior releases by Lesbian Concentrate and because the album, as its final form, was planned like this from the beginning. Well, not really - a few tracks were switched here and there, but it's still 90 minutes of powerful music. Even if you don't like a good deal of the record, there's still a big chance that you'll find something you'll like. There's something for everyone.

Normally, any Lesbian Concentrate album tends to be released last minute because of the fees that you have to pay most online distributors, but because of the anticipation we at Clicker Records have for this release, we're going to let you pre-order a hi-res copy of this album. Note that previews of the songs aren't final versions, but they are so close to final versions that you'll feel comfortable when you get that album on your doorstep on September 12.


releases September 12, 2017

Liebermintz - vocals, guitars, bass, drum programming, keyboards
Thor Speeler - vocals on select songs
Nick Sweat - synthesizers on select songs

All music and lyrics except for tracks 4, 11, 17, 18, and 21 by Shane Smith, Thor Speeler and Nick Sweat (ASCAP/BMI).

Tracks 4, 17, and 21 by Shane Smith and Charles Kieser (ASCAP/BMI).

Track 11 by Dana Claire Simpson.

Track 18 by Shane Smith and Samuel Crowley (ASCAP/BMI).

Recorded from August 2016 to August 2017 at Heated New Sound (Oxford, GA and Port Wentworth, GA), Heck House (Philadelphia, PA) and Nick's bedroom (Covington, GA).

All instrumentals written from November 2009 to July 2017. All lyrics written from May 2016 to July 2017.

Thanks to everybody who supported Lesbian Concentrate from the start. All 126 of you.



all rights reserved


Lesbian Concentrate Atlanta, Georgia

Always better than Poco.

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Track Name: Fussbudget
Hey, I’m an autograph fiend
The lengths I go are obscene
And my body is clean

Hey, what I’ve done to the ground
Claim you’re the lost and found
And I still get around

Hey, I’m the number one fan
I’m stuck in that A-list glance
Won’t you give me a chance

Hey, what I do isn’t nice
You’re trying to have a good night
And I don’t have the right

I’m bright, but I don’t feel right
I thought I’d sell myself tonight
But instead it’s like I was a knife
And I keep putting them through strife

I’m not the king of fluorescent trucking
I’m a neurotic fussbudget
And all I’m good for is nothing
Roughin’ it, roughin’ it, roughin’ it, roughin’ it

Hey, I’m the being who’s mean
A wild man wrote about me
He’s got chicks he can spank

Frank’s women he rapes
I know I’m like him
Why do I give a shit?
Track Name: The Light
She had heat stroke, we’re unfairly yoked
Bring her out of the sun, she won’t wake up
I scour the perimeter, her sickness made us prisoner
I swear to God I’ll protect her even if they kill me first

Here’s hoping the light survives
Here’s hoping the light gets by
Hold on girl, we’re savin’ you
Hold on – you’re not quite through

She came with cold at least five years ago
Parents made us stay inside, I kept her in my sight
I was bored immediately, stricken with Yossarian’s deed
I brought outside to play, her eyes rolled back like yesterday…



Mom and Dad called me selfish
The light’s livelihood I thought was well
Said she had double pneumonia
She’d be dead had I not called ‘em up
That’s why I feel the need to try to fix her
If we don’t get this, she’ll be dead for sure
Because at the end, I’m no good
If I can’t care for her livelihood


[r x 2]
Track Name: If I Can't Get to London
night bus, rescue me when it becomes a burden to be free
you find me at the right time
I lie about my name ‘cause after this one nothing is the same
It’s me against the nighttime

If I can’t get to london, there’s demons on my trail
If I can’t get to london, darkness will prevail
I have to get to london – I have to be that strong
If I can’t get to london, then everything is gone

Black dog in the night, a shadow of a shadow of the light
But it can’t touch me inside
I watch the night roll by, but where I want to go I’ll have to fly
It’s getting close to midnight

If I can’t get to london, there’s demons on my trail
If I can’t get to london, darkness will prevail
I have to get to london – I have to be that strong
If I can’t get to london, then everything is gone

night bus, rescue me when it becomes a burden to be free
you find me at the right time
I lie about my name ‘cause after this one nothing is the same
It’s me against the nighttime
Track Name: An Isolated Escape - November 25, 1974
I’m part of a collapse
My fate considers me trapped
I’m clamoring for more
The daily grind renders me bored
My dark guide, she grabs my hand
Upon my back she burns a brand
Consecrates, intimidates me
But her goals are good as far as I can see

And we skip through hospital halls
Delivering the sick from their pain
With that she claims
And I’m stuck inside the walls

Artemis, he glances aside
Within me he claims no light
Not that he’s any better himself
He’s comfortable in his grand hell
I pray to her and she agrees
For once I’m glad she sees with me
She plays around and makes him sick
Meekish boy confronts his sins

And lead him closer to the light
Deliver Artemis from his pain
With that he cries
And I stay the same

Now it’s time to say goodbye
Guide myself to the light
And again it’s that perfect time
And once again I have to drive
But she stays with me, my dark guide
She signals foremost a sign
She keeps me in, I can’t break
I won’t get my isolated escape

Roam the world, cursed to breathe
I’ve taken on all their pain
With that I claim…
Track Name: These Highways
Too much pressure on these highways
Downtown streets got me less worried
The open roads are mine for the keeping
But every day, I ask “what is it that I’m seeking?”

These highways are paths beyond
The ever-present promise of suburban humdrum
They lead to infinity, return from infinity
And after my trips I show more affinity

As I stare out into the sunset,
I ask Fiona if she can take my hand
And she did and we felt no consequence
And we tiptoed into this brand new land

Too much pressure keepin’ up with demand
By the time it’s all over I become Caliban
A wild pawn useful for insignificant things
And the ones I haven’t got they’ve bumped down to dreams

These highways lead to downtown avenues
Cut my losses and I can’t really follow through
These highways, they end in the tunnels
And once I’m stuck inside, we might as well go into our fun Hell


These highways, they’re my guiding light
They’re my Star of Bethlehem, cuts through the night
They’re the beacon of hope, they’re my quiet revenge
They’re my meal ticket on the Number Nine Express