Shift the Focus

by Shane Smith



The thing that scares me most about Dispensational Premillenialism is the concept of the Rapture. It's always come across as either total abduction or forced conscription into God's army. It has elements of an S&M relationship, albeit without the trust that goes into one.


Demons wine and dine souls
tempt them with shifted love
that's not the middle of the road
instead your new corruption
when the Exodus begins again
and seven years of pain set in
don't think of it as here today,
gone tomorrow - it's not that way.

Heavenly joy is surreal to me
sexual energy flows aplenty
you're enriched with the Spirit
hormonal kind of transcendence
you think you feel pent up
during the rave-up, but the snub
towards people not of His persuasion
seven years without libidinous occasion.

If Heaven is unfiltered
like the water from a river
you'll be submissive
we need to shift the focus.

Things aren't much better aboard
trying to turn you into a new soldier
a new body with energy soaring
but as pathetic as a sterile sinner
God won't let you get relief
or rather, His seraphim in charge of training
smashing down Applebee's, pent-up, no release,
your misery turns you to slowly rely on Him.


Demons wine and dine souls
break Syd's mind with open windows
you're now the slave of a new order
one Schulberg said Will Rogers was forever
any change is unwelcome during the charge
selfish is the new Golden Rule in our
contemporary One-Way-Truth society
isn't that Premillennialism is, you son of a bitch?!



released August 14, 2015
Music, lyrics, and performance by Shane Smith.
Sample throughout from "O Superman" by Laurie Anderson




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