The Nutshack

by Lesbian Concentrate



A song about three Pinoys, their Latina friend, and a cyborg tarsier.

no I'm not making this shit up


Phil’s from the soul, Jack’s from the PI
Horatio, or Horat’s so big-eyed
Tito Dick, the Dickman Baby
He raised Phil and he loves the ladies
Jack’s cool-ass lazy, but he’s still learning
And the ripe cherry pie is still a virgin
Chita, meet the freak of the week-uh
Phil’s homegirl got Jack want to keep her
But that’s not happening either, shake it like a seizure
Hold up, shall we spark this? Take a breather?
Breathe a reefer in my lungs
“I Gott Grapes” – whatcha watchin’, son?


released September 15, 2016
Apologies to the Philippines and all Pinoys.




Lesbian Concentrate Atlanta, Georgia

Always better than Poco.

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